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January Tooth Toothousand and Nein


New Yoek city

2009-01-03 21:16:22 by BlasterMaster

Hey so even though my last post said I would no longer be working for Plus et Plus NYC, I am still employed at their studio. I am also making a flash game for a studio in New York,, which will be out in February. I'll make a post of it when it's out.

I saw that Zwickel won a wacom tablet. Congrats man, I hope you have fun and make use of that! It is quite an upgrade from using the mouse. I don't have one at home yet, but I use a jumbo sized tablet at work and it is so sweet. Congrats to all of the other tablet winners on NG as well

Anyways, New York City sucks. I'm getting sick of it and the expensiveness and the cold and lack of friends and lack of girls. Boooo!

I plan on submitting something to the "Ultimate Pet art contest" I hope it wins.

New Yoek city

HEY YOU GUYZ!?!>!@#@#

2008-11-24 00:38:39 by BlasterMaster

Hey guys,

So I'm currently living in New York City doing computer animation. My Current job is ending this wednesday. I was working for a company called 'plus et plus' but my time there is ending. If anyone is interested, I worked on the title sequence to the upcoming show, "The Electric Company" which will aire on PBS in January, be sure to check that out!

Anyways, A couple people have asked about BOA 5! I'm glad there is still a huge fan base out there. I have no current plans to kickstart the series back, mainly because I am trying to find my place in the computer animation field here in New York city. Perhaps once I start a steady income I will develop the pitch for BOA 5. Im still learning a lot about the 3D animation field, and I would really like the next game to be in 3D...wouldn't that be sweet?

However, if anyone with artistic talent wants to draw some sprites and concept work, I'd always be down to code another BOA in my spare time. Its just a matter of free time. Who knows.

Anyways, have a happy thanksgiving! ttyl


2008-05-06 02:25:20 by BlasterMaster